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Welcome to the Regents Dining Services Website!

Our Valued Students and Parents of Regents School of Austin:

We welcome you to the new food service program operated by Taher Inc., a Minnesota based professional food service company.  Executive Chef Richard Carney and our team of dedicated associates would like to be among the first to thank you for utilizing our new services in the dining hall.  With a remodeled kitchen & preparation area, and new serving lines and serving equipment, we look forward to offering you ‘made from scratch’ meals and healthy options daily for your enjoyment.

Thank you for visiting!


E-Mail Address:

Phone Number: 715-458-5821


Food Service Mission Statement

Recognizing that good nutrition has a positive effect on learning and good health, the mission of Regents Dining Services is to provide nutritious meals to students, staff and the community-at-large, in a caring and customer-friendly environment, using menus that emphasize:


Freshly prepared foods,
No trans-fats,
More whole grain and legumes,
Fresh fruit and vegetables,
Minimally processed foods, and
Decreased use of foods containing high-fructose corn syrup.
Additionally, we commit to assist in educating our

customers to adopt a more nutritious lifestyle.


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