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Menus for each school can be viewed and printed using Adobe Reader by clicking on the links below.

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April Elementary Breakfast Menu

April HS, MS and IS Breakfast Menu

April Elementary Lunch Menu

April AIS, MS Lunch Menu

April High School Lunch Menu


March Elementary Breakfast Menu

March HS, MS and IS Breakfast Menu

March Elementary Lunch Menu

March AIS, MS Lunch Menu

March High School Lunch Menu




Learn about this month’s Harvest of the Month Fruit, Vegetable and Spice

Banana   Celery   Chives

The High School Food Court operated by Taher, Inc. offers students a variety of food or menu choices through our comprehensive Food Court Program. These programs are designed around pre-tested menu items, products, portions, costs & point-of-sale materials. Items may be rotated to reflect the desire of each high school guests on a daily, weekly, monthly or semester basis.

Click here to see the food court selections that are featured.